Cotati, California 94931, United States

(480) 548-3117 MuayThai boxing

Best for MMA, Fitness, Thai Boxing & Self-defense muay thai boxing gym

Private & Small group class


Detail of our services

We provide private class Monday-Sunday from 10 am-9 pm & Small group class Monday-Friday from 5-9 pm & Sunday from 12-3 pm

We help students accomplish their goals

We also train students to be a fighter and take them to fight in amateur or professional bouts

Factual report & Real life events

Many of Metayo Muaythai students turned professionals and some own and operate their Muaythai gym

Private and Small group class fee

The class fee is $1 per minute for private lesson

The small group class, students pay for an unlimited class/month.  Please pick up the class schedule and fee in person at the gym

Structure of the gym

Our gym has a full Muaythai equipment with cushioned floor mats, pole heavy bags, heavy bags , punch mitts and Thai pads.  The gym has 2 floors: Pad drills & sparring on the 2nd floor, weight lifting, jump rope & stretching, heavy bag drill on the first floor

Any concern or question, please contact us

Please call Ajarn Paul (pon in Thai) for more information (480)548-3117, or email: