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It includes stand-up and take-down techniques mixed martial arts classes

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Teaching Program


We provide regular class, private class, small group class for seminar and monthly basis group class.  We also provide certificate program for people who want to get a certificate that they can prove of training and teach their own class

Competition and Promotion Events


We began our gym since 1991 under the affiliation of Muaythai Academy of America  Association. Our gym was also a member of the US Muaythai Asociation in the same year.  In 1992, our gym became a member of World Muaythai Committee Council and World Muaythai Association. In 1996, under the board of supervisors of Dr. Toulu Thao, Agricultural Engineer Gus Reyes and Civil Engineer Lissette Luna, we created the National Muaythai Promotion, LLC to promote Muaythai events 

Metayo Muaythai was created in 1991


Metayo Muaythai was created in 1991 in Fresno, California.  In 2001, we moved to Clovis, California, and in 2007, we moved to Glendale, Arizona.  In 2010, we moved to North Phoenix, Arizona, and at the end of 2013. The gym was given to Andy Marglio to manage and the class would be taught by Brian Trubl and Kyler Smith.  In 2014, Andy moved to the gym to Tempe, Arizona to share a place with master Jay Axe Capoeira and Cecilia Diaz, BJJ.  The class is now teaching by Alex Crane

New Gym in California


Paul Metayo, the chief trainer of Metayo Muaythai has taught Muaythai at Mendo Training Center in Ukiah, CA in 2014; in 2015, went back to teach Muaythai in Tempe, and on December 2015, came back to teach a group class at Norcal Fighting Alliance Gym

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Paul Metayo is currenty teaching private lesson, certifcate class, seminar class, and small group class at 187 Southwest Blvd Rohnert Park, CA 94928.  The private class is taking place on weekdays from 9:30 AM-3:30 PM, and by appointment, and the small group class on Monday & Wednesday from7-8 PM

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Paul Metayo originally started training in Muaythai in Thailand and competed professionally with a record of 114 wins and 16 loses.  Prior to joining the fighting gym, Paul trained in Muaythai Boran with his grand father for 10 months.  All of Paul life events took place since 1960 when he was 6 years old